Pre-Jury 1

As a main description of the project, in the 2. Semester of two. The year we have a tendency to are expected the look library by taking references to alternative buildings or design concepts.

We are expected to develop our proposal at first through a 1/100 scale model, supported by extra shows wherever we have a tendency to study and document our style actions well. we have a tendency to are suggested to profit from sketches, diagrams, gifs, collages or any drawings that you just developed in our ADS.

The library is anticipated to serve to a district community, that ought to be thought to be a supply for achieving a rough plan on the dimensions of the library. A usable space around one thousand – 1500 M2 in total would be decent for this purpose. attainable uses during a library (book stacks, collective and individual reading areas, digital media collections, meeting rooms, lecture rooms, services etc.) and their relations are leaders of the look work.

My what if question is that; What if the California Academy of Sciences and the Maya somaiya library merged?

In the Mayan library, the soil seems to have been held and removed from the ground. In addition, it is a library for people to walk freely on. But with its brick structure, it gives measj that people cannot relax there.

Althougt the surface of the California Academy of Sciences overlaps the purpose of basic use of the building. Plants grow on the roof. However, people can’t walk there. The reason of this is that the roof also contains the lighting system of the building and the height is higher than Maya. It could be dangerous for people.

Using these features of these two libraries is very exciting to uncover a new building. While doing this, I wanted to use the mass feature of the Seattle library in 5 different functions. I used three of the five masses; headquarters, books, study rooms.


The Inevitable Modernism

  I will examine the impact of the rapid change in the economic and social life of the 1930s on society after the economic crisis. I will interpret this in the 1936 film ”Modern Times“ which is a Charlie Chaplin classic. In Modern Times, After Economical Depression, it succeeded in explaining how satire and modern machines, which are formed by the machines taking people’s jobs away, into a malevolent war. The film focuses on the chaotic environment of the amount, hunger, poverty and unemployment. people who contend with the machine within the age of industry have warned folks not only from the plant employees however from all sectors. The film emphasizes that those who work with the wheels of the machines become one in all those wheels and reflect the drama of the one who is alienated to his work and can’t be internalized.

  This movie is described as a quiet scream of Charlie Chaplin. In the period, the sound systems in cinema have been used effectively for nearly 10 years. However, Chaplin didn’t use. He used such a method to make his voice known to the world. Chaplin thinks that “silent films express emotions, situations and thoughts more effectively”.

  At the start of the film, the similitude of the flock of sheep coming into the weed to their jobs during a manner that follows one another, in turn, is stressed. within the film, the director of the works appears like George Orwell’s 1984 novel “Big Brother”. and this manager controls the entire works through a picture show. during this book, huge Brother’s management of everybody within the territory of the country from business to non-public life and behaves as if it’s contrary to the behaviour of the boss is named the development of immediate intervention, this boss solely “Man” from the identity of the amount, representing the people that are removed from the essence.

  There is also criticism in the film about the time studies that come with Fordism. When the main character Chaplin was unable to squeeze a bolt in the belt flowing with a short distraction, the entire band system was mixed. It is possible to see that there is no gap in the space for one second. If it doesn’t fit the timetable of the factory, we can see that there are a lot of problems. Later in the film, Chaplin could not get himself to do the bolt-tightening action, and he couldn’t get himself because he wanted to tighten the items that he saw as the fire valve bolts. This is the physical movements that the system has to do all day long imposed on the system no longer disturbed the nervous structure of Chaplin. Continuous pressure, lack of time to breathe, the individual in the “stress” is called the disease of the age. Chaplin was hospitalized, he was treated with nerve disorders, but was now unemployed.

  In the next scenes, it was seen that Chaplin was swinging from behind the vehicle to see the driver, after seeing the flag falling from a vehicle while he was looking for work. Chaplin appeared in this scene as the union was flagged at the beginning of the act and was arrested. In modern life, how fast events happen, things that cannot be traced in a short period of time have been mentioned, and they are satirized by Chaplin’s nonstop event traffic.

  In the 30s, the economic and social life of societies changed rapidly due to the economic crisis. We can see this clearly in Modern Times.